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Paint your face and, Paint his face and, Catch the beat!


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Finally, a use for all those boxes of Lego sets you won’t let your parents get rid off.


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"I feel like a- quote Shania Twain, I feel like a woman." - Lady Gaga on her relationship with Taylor Kinney

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I went to the art rave the other day and had the best time of my life! Did not expect to get right up to the front of the main stage. During artpop I swear to god I saw Gaga look from the girl next to me then right at my face (but I was probably imagining it). I heard PARTYNAUSEOUS live and had a fit. She took her wig off TWICE!!?!? Cried during dope cause I wasn’t sure she’d perform it for us BUT SHE DID! Made eye sex with so many dancers and got a smile from Ricky after showing him my love. Thank you sooo much to demi for taking the photos and coming with me! And thank you for the compliments on my flower/seashell crown. All who went looked wonderful!!

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when attractive people say they are ugly


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